100+ Best Momos captions for Instagram

Momos captions – Momo is a steamed dumpling filled with meat or vegetables. It is from Nepal and has been spread across Tibet, china, japan initially and now, it has been spread throughout the world. It is loved by people of all age groups but most popular among youngsters. Love for momos will never decrease frankly speaking I am also a momos lover and I am sure you are also momos love. Let’s express this love for the momos by posting the images of momos but photos without captions feel incomplete like momos without sauce. Stop worrying we are here to solve this problem as we have below the best momos captions for Instagram which will make your post more appropriate.

Momos captions for instagram

My mind says abs but my heart says momos.
  1. I was not allowed to go out of the home so I cooked at home
  2. Without the spicy chutney momos has no taste
  3. Why does this plate carry numbered amount of momos
  4. Give me one more plate of momos
  5. More Tangy the chutney is the more tasty the momos are 
  6. “Every day they attracts me more towards them “
  7. “Momo’s are the love of my life “
  8. “Either steamed or fried my love for them is endless”
  9. “I feel like it’s been a decade I haven’t eaten momos”
  10. “My heart breaks when momos shop is closed”

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Best momos captions

Momos captions
  1. Find happiness in the little things in life.
  2. If you have something you’re doing right now, you can do that to your satisfaction.
  3. I can’t stop me, can’t stop me.
  4. A lot of things are waiting to unfold.
  5. I want to continue screaming out who I am.
  6. If you have something you want to do, then that’s what you should do.
  7. My mind says abs but my heart says momos.
  8. Dear momos either stop being so delicious or stop making me fat.
  9. Fried momos >>>>>>> steamed momos.
  10. Memories without  a picture are like momos without sauce.

Funny momos captions

Momos captions
  1. “After eating momos, having a momos soup gives me pleasure”
  2. “I hope that momos shop will open soon”
  3. “They told me eat heathy I started eating steamed momos”
  4. “Momos with friends is one of the  beautiful movement of my life “
  5. “They asked me in veg I said momos , Then they asked me in non veg I said momos”
  6. “Rainy weather and hot momos are the best combinations ever”
  7. “Momos are the reason for good happening in my life”
  8. “Loving momos is one habit that makes us friend”
  9. “Hope that this plate of momos never end, but a sad truth it will end soon”
  10. “It’s better to have a plate of momos than a relationship”

Momos captions for momos lover

Momos captions
  1. Momos makes me feel more powerful, don’t know why?
  2. Wait, I have a call from momos.
  3. Momos brings happiness.
  4. Momo makes my day feel complete.
  5. Momo love never ends.
  6. A plate of Momo is my requirement of the day.
  7. Steamed momos has its own charm.
  8. Every girl needs one thing that’s momos.
  9. Momos a day make you happy all day.
  10. Momo’s love can not be measured.

Best Momos status

Momos captions
  1. “Eat, sleep and repeat”
  2. “Kind of love to momos”
  3. “Is momos available here”
  4. “My menu has only momos”
  5. “I never loved something so much”
  6.  “Let’s hit another plate “
  7. “Why momos are always tasty”
  8. “more spicy more momos”
  9. “Eat more demand more”
  10. “Let me refill the plate with chutney and momos”

Final words

This is all, I hope you were able to find the best suitable momos captions for Instagram from the above list. If you have any more captions for momos we would love to add them to our list. for more such captions go to the home page. You can also follow us on Pinterest. 

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